League Rules 2019

Wem & District Bowling League Rules 2019

Rules adopted at the Annual General Meeting 14th February 2019

a) The League shall be known as the Wem & District Bowling League (with the addition of the current sponsor).
b) All clubs competing in the League must be affiliated to the S.C.G.B.A. and all games must be governed by the Laws of the B.C.G.B.A. Each Club must have an up-to-date copy of these rules displayed in their Clubhouse.
c) All players must be affiliated to the BCGBA. Their names and registration numbers shown in the Clubhouse of the Club of which they are a member for Inspection.

a) The officers of the League shall be President, Deputy President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Secretary, who shall be elected annually..
b) MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE shall consist of all Officers except vice presidents and three members of the Executive Committee.
c) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall consist of all Officers, division representatives, and one representative from each team in membership.
d) County delegates shall be ex-officio members of the Executive committee.

a) The League’s financial year shall end on 31 December, and the Annual General Meeting shall be held in January or February, when voting shall be restricted to Officers, Management Members and one from each team in membership. In the event of a tie the chairperson shall have the casting vote.
b) The League Management Committee will arrange League Executive Meetings on instruction from the Secretary in consultation with the Chairman.
c) The constitution of the League shall be determined by the Management Committee.

a) Each team shall pay an annual Subscription of £15 payable at the first Executive Meeting after the A.G.M. Clubs withdrawing a team/s from the League during the season will be liable to pay all dues owing for that season.
b) Each Player shall pay a match fee of 30p per match, which shall be collected by the Club the player plays for, and be paid to the Treasurer on request, but not later than the 30 November each year. Any team failing to pay by this date will be subject to a fixed penalty of £5 per week until the due debt is paid.

a) All matches to be played on Monday, teams play each other twice, Home and Away. All team shall consist of ten (10) players.
b) Home team captains to name four cards and place them face down, visiting Captains will then place four named cards on top, this being the draw for the first four games. This action to be repeated for the middle four and last two games, after at least one of the preceding four games have been completed, the next game to be played.
c) Matches shall start at 7pm and shall be completed the same evening weather permitting). Not less than three (3) games shall be on at any one time and 15 minutes shall be allowed a team to comply with this rule. In the event of a club failing to field a full team, the score shall stand 21-0 in favour of the opposing team for each player absent.
d) The Captains of each team shall act as Referees.
e) No player shall practise on an opponents Green on the day of any League or Cup match. Home players are allowed to practise any time up to the scheduled start.
f) Each game shall be marked by a representative of each Club. Markers must sit together and initial each other’s cards every third end to signify agreement. In the event of a disagreement in the score, which can not be settled amicably, the score in the game shall revert to the end where the cards were last checked.
g) All League matches must be played by the end of the last week in the season.

a) Any postponed matches must be re-arranged (i.e. a new date must be advised to the league secretary) within seven (7) days of the date of the original fixture. Should both teams fail to make arrangements, they must submit to the Management ruling on the matter. The Management Committee shall have the power to deduct two (2) points/ and/or £25 penalty from any offending team.

NOTE: Teams who cannot play on their Home Greens because of a clash with other Leagues or competition can arrange to play on another night

b) If a postponed match has to be played out of season, no player can take part unless he has been a member of that team for at least 75% of the season.
c) In the event of an adjourned match, the completed games shall stand and the uncompleted games must be completed within fourteen (14) days of the original fixture. Should teams fail to make arrangements, they must submit to the Management Committee’s ruling on the matter who shall have the power to deduct two (2) points/ and /or £25 penalty from the offending team’s League Table

d) Games may only be re-arranged if both captains are in agreement and the new fixture date must be arranged & advised to the League Secretary within 7 days. The home team must advise the secretary immediately. The Management Committee has the power to deduct two (2) points and/or apply a £25.00 fine to any offending team.

No team can claim a Match. The decision will be referred to the Management who will decide on points of issue which may result in a £25 fine.
a) Two (2) points will be awarded for Aggregate win. One (1) point awarded for each winning game.
b) League positions shall be determined by points ie. The team with the most points to be higher placed. Positions of teams equal on points will be decided by aggregate difference.
c) The two teams finishing in the bottom two places in any Division except the lowest shall be relegated. The two teams at the top of any division except the First Division shall be promoted. The League Management shall have the power to promote or relegate teams dependant on the number of new teams requesting to join the League and accepted by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

a) Any trophies not collected by the AGM of the following season will be forfeited and re-used for the coming season.
b) All trophies must be returned by 1 September of the current year. Failure to do so will incur a penalty of 10 pounds.

The home team shall ensure that the results are entered on the MB results system on the computer system with-in 48 hours of the match,. Failure to comply will render the team liable to a £10 fine (see rule c). The League secretary will also advise the club secretaries of the penalties. For their information only.
All match result sheets must show players B.C.G.B.A. Registration Numbers.

A Club having two greens shall nominate before the start of the season the green on which they will play their home matches.

All protests regarding a match shall be endorsed by the Secretary of the Club concerned and must be in the hands of the League Secretary (in writing) within three (3) clear days (Sunday excluded) of that match and must be covered by a protest fee of £2.00 which will be refunded at the discretion of the Committee.

Any team playing ineligible player/s shall be deducted two (2) points from the League tables for each offence and the players opponents in each case shall be deemed to have won 21-0.

Clubs may be allowed to enter one or more teams. Clubs shall sign on all players as registered members of the club. A player is allowed to play for only one team during the week. (A week means Monday to Sunday inclusive).

Any player whose subscriptions for the current season to his present Club is unpaid shall not be eligible to play for another Club in subsequent seasons until he has discharged his/her liability. A player moving to a new area within the League may apply to the Management Committee for transfer, but no more than three (3) games must have been played.

Notice of new rules or alterations to rules and application to join the League must be sent in writing to the League Secretary not later than 31 December. Any new team elected into the league will be placed in the lowest division or otherwise at the discretion of the Management Committee.
Should any individual of a Club find it necessary to consult League Officials over any individual or club they deem to have broken League Rules, foundations for this to be put in writing to the League secretary, and if found requisite to hold a special meeting to discuss this then the parties involved will be asked to attend such meetings together with League Officials.

The League will hold two (2) meetings a year including the A.G.M. All teams must send a representative to each meeting and failure to do so will incur a £5.00 fine for each meeting not attended. The Management Committee have the right to waive the fee according to the reason for non attendance. The Management Committee will conduct the business of the League and have the power to call extra Executive Meetings as deemed necessary.

Prize Money not claimed at the Leagues Presentation Evening will be forfeited and either retained by the League or donated to charity.




1) To be decided on Aggregate – if aggregate level on number of games won – if still level best card on either side on count back.

2) Any team who fails to field a full team in the early rounds of the Knockout cannot enter the Consolation Cup. Any team failing to complete a fixture in any round of the competition will not be allowed to enter next seasons cup competition

3) Matches to be played five home and five away up to sem finals. PLEASE NOTE HOME AND AWAY LEGS NEED NOT BE PLAYED ON THE SAME NIGHT. DATES WILL BE GIVEN FOR THE COMPLETION OF EACH ROUND AND GAMES CAN BE PLAYED ON ANY NIGHT UP TO THAT DATE. Any tie not completed by the stipulated date, the offending club will forfeit the tie.

4) Semi-finals to be played on neutral greens to be decided by the Committee after the draw has been made.

5) Players can only play for one team in the competition.

6) Any player playing in the quarterfinals to final stage must have played a minimum of four (4) league or cup games for the team he is representing. Wem League Competitions only apply.

7) If a team plays an illegal player then that players game will be awarded to his/her opponent with a score of 21 nil and the final result of the match adjusted accordingly.

8) Teams will not be handicapped.

9) All teams taking part in the Knockout or Consolation Cup will pay a fee of £1 per game. The Semi Finals will be played on neutral greens, each team will pay the host club £5 green fees


1) All competitors must be registered with the League.

2) Competitors playing on Home greens will be handicapped two (2) chalks i.e. would commence 2-0 down. All games to be played 21 up.

3) All Competitions to be played to final on the day.

4) A competition may be cancelled if less than eight players are present for a singles or eight pairs for a double competition at the discretion of the organizer and competitors.